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  • 90 comprimidos

  • 45 dosis


Cantidad para una dosis: 2 comprimidos

Dosis por envase: 45



Glutatión (forma reducida)

% NRV*



2 comprimidos


600 mg

* NRV (%) - Valor nutricional de referencia



Celulosa microcristalina, amylum pregelatinisatum, carboximetil almidón de sodio, estearato de magnesio, dióxido de silicio, recubrimiento (polietilenglicol).



Tomar 2 comprimidos al día.



GSH 600, glutathione or TAD 600 is an antioxidant that that is second to none. It is found in the cells of the entire body in the form of protein – a tripeptide consisting of three amino acids (glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid). Today, when we consume so much junk food, have many addictions, such as alcohol, cigarettes or narcotics, when we are exposed to stress, air pollution, radiation, viruses, bacteria and other parasites, or when our immune systems may be weak due to various genetic factors, a diet rich in fruit and vegetables alone is no longer sufficient. In the past, it was assumed that due to the aging processes and the weakening of the immune system people over the age of fifty are more vulnerable to disease. Recent studies, however, show that the GSH levels may start decreasing as early as in one’s twenties.

The most common problem is our lack of awareness, which makes us ignore the danger. We usually only become aware when we come down with a disease, sometimes terminal, and when ordinarily it is too late for any help. Effective prevention, including the use of glutathione, can in itself contribute to detoxification through the dissolution and ridding the body of toxins, a process in which the liver plays a key role, thus protecting this organ from various types of damage. Prevention also means stimulation of the immune system, including, among others, increased production of white blood cells, containment of viral and bacterial infections, and preventing cancer cells from multiplying, which constitutes a natural protection against the harmful effects of chemio- and radiotherapy, thus reducing the side effects of anti-cancer therapies and drugs, and increasing the effectiveness of oncological treatment. GSH is also used as a support in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, cataract and glaucoma, asthma, diabetes, heart diseases (in connection with atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure), liver diseases (cirrhosis, inflammation), degenerative joint diseases, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even sterility in men (GSH improves sperm quality). In synergy with selenium, GSH takes part in the conversion of hydrogen peroxide into water, which improves the vitality of erythrocytes, whose main role is to transport oxygen in blood. There is also a high interest in GSH in sports, not only in professional sports and in the field of treating the effects of anabolic steroids use, but also at the level of everyday sports activities. This is due to its properties connected with protein synthesis, transport of amino acids, production of coenzymes, creation of a positive nitrogen balance, increase in glycogen resources, higher activity of growth hormone, reduction of cortisol concentration in blood serum, and lower lactic acid levels, which results in the reduction of fatigue symptoms, improves regeneration, increases energy, and helps to build muscles.

MEX GSH 600 is a product that is hard to ignore as it helps prevent numerous diseases and provides many benefits in everyday life. With MEX, you can always achieve more!.

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Pueden existir ciertas discrepancias entre las dosis indicadas en las etiquetas de EE. UU. y las de la UE. En el caso de algunos suplementos, se han reducido las dosis para reflejar las normativas legales vigentes. También puede haber discrepancias en cuanto a los valores energéticos y las cantidades diarias recomendadas (% DV y % NRV), que se han calculado de acuerdo con las actuales normativas nacionales y de la UE.


Se debe tener en cuenta que para mantener el mayor nivel posible de calidad y la conformidad con la normativa legal vigente y los descubrimientos científicos más recientes, el fabricante se reserva el derecho a modificar sin previo aviso la composición de algún producto. Por consiguiente, en algunas tiendas es posible encontrar distintas versiones de dichos productos que presenten diferencias en lo que respecta a sus ingredientes, lo cual no afectaría a su calidad o autenticidad.

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