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muscle excellence

Muscle Excellence

Muscle Excellence (MEX) was established in 2010 with one goal in mind: to make high-quality sports products, including dietary supplements, health foods, gym and street wear, as well as training accessories. Our desire is to offer reliable products that are trendy and available at competitive prices. This philosophy is what allows us to excel as one of the leading brands.

Since 2010, we have opened several local offices in different locations (e.g. USA, Germany, Poland, and Spain). We distribute our products to about 50 countries world-wide. We have co-operated with many sports champions, including such stars as Flex Wheeler, the bodybuilding legend, who held the position of Vice President of MEX for over three years.

Our products are designed for active people, including pro athletes (PRO LINE), who demand more than just standard nutrition, enthusiasts of different sports (SPORT LINE), who need to develop a variety of motor skills, regular gym goers and fans of outdoor activities (FIT LINE), who wish to shape their bodies and keep their minds in balance, and everybody else interested in well-being and comfort (MEX 2GO). The universality of our nutrition products makes this division into various lines rather symbolic, as pro athletes often reach for fast snacks, just like ordinary people do. Besides, most of us exercise in order to achieve better health, often looking for a breakthrough in our nutrition programs. At different times, we have different targets, such as strength, energy, recovery, or endurance, or simply need help with burning fat. We may also reach for products that help our bodies to heal, remove excess water and unwanted toxins, strengthen the immune and cardiovascular systems, fight cramps, improve sex drive or have a better sleep. MEX offers the complete range.

Our gym accessories, developed exclusively for us by our own designers, are in great demand in many fitness clubs around the world and, in 2017, we entered the realm of sports fashion, promoting bold, extraordinary designs. Not surprisingly, MEX female leggings have become bestsellers in many countries.

muscle excellence

Outlook For The Future

Our team of professional designers and dietitians are working hard to expand our range of nutrition products, gym accessories and clothing. In 2015, we launched a major re-branding operation, introducing a new logo and superb graphic design of packaging. Encouraged by its success, in 2018, we re-designed the Pro Line, which now boasts a distinguishing, “million-dollar” look.

The MEX gym accessories and clothing lines will soon be complemented by training and sports shoes, fancy gym bags, fitness corsets, lunch bags, as well as heavy-duty clothing, such as a winter collection.

Regardless of your personal goal, MEX products can help you effectively improve every aspect of your training.

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