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MEX Women's Bras & Tops

Thanks to registered MEX-COOL® Sport and MEX FIT-TIGHT® technologies MEX tops and leggings feel like second skin. Their superb elasticity makes them exceptionally comfortable and helps maintain optimum body temperature during almost all types of physical activity. The perfect combination of elastane, which is soft and flexible, with polyester, which is strong and wrinkle-proof, makes the the fabric light, fast-drying, easy to maintain and resistant to most chemicals. This high-quality and high-density material is almost completely opaque and exceptionally hygienic thanks to the special MEX ANTI-TOX® system, enriched with silver ions. It prevents bacteria from multiplying and reduces the side effects of overheated skin, as well as, to some degree, odors resulting from indigestion. To feel completely comfortable, however, it is advisable to wear underwear.

  • High quality with no compromises

  • Super elastic and super thermoactive

  • Up to 23% elastane and 77% polyester

  • Perfect density: 270 g/m²

  • Special thermoregulation and moisture ventilation systems

  • Optimum body temperature maintenance system

  • Registered MEX-COOL® Sport technology

  • MEX ANTI-TOX® antibacterial coating with ions of silver

  • MEX FIT-TIGHT® fitting system

  • Wrinkle and deformation free

  • Flat, smooth, practically invisible seams

  • Thermal transfer labels

  • No pilling or hair attraction – feel free to hug your pet

  • Gentle welt instead of an uncomfortable deforming rubber band

  • Trademarked trendy design

  • Durable dye sublimation print

  • Cool and unique image

  • Perfect for any physical activity, except sex maybe

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