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MEX PRO ELITE – men's gloves made of goatskin and cowhide leather with an inside rubber padded goatskin leather palm, a long strap, and a 4-way stretch insert on the back. These skin-tight high-quality gloves feature ergonomic and reinforced palms, double seams, pressure-absorbing padding, and all the latest technological novelties. They ensure a perfect fit and grip, prevent excessive sweating and allow the skin to breathe freely, giving you full-range control. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX GEL GRIP – trendy high-end men’s gloves made of eco-friendly, extra-stretchable amara with silicon printing. Special gel grip pads ensure convenient cushioning and maximal shock absorption, as well as effectively protecting against friction, calluses, blisters and, indirectly, against hand injury. A long strap and a 4-way stretch insert on the back additionally support your wrists. You will surely appreciate their slick design and unbeatable quality. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX U CAN gloves represent a combination of high quality, functionality and economy with a sleek, sporty design. Their modern giant panda look is reminiscent of the wild nature of this big bear cat. They cover your skin, providing stability and security patterned after this black and white cat-footed animal. A wrist wrap and a Velcro closing ensure an extra wrist support. As strong as a bear, you will never allow your prey, be it an Olympic bar, a pull up bar, a pull down grip, or anything else, to escape. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



If you are a gym devotee who cannot live without training, we have created gloves to increase your motivation even more and reward your effort. MEX ADDICT gloves are made of best-quality natural leather and elastic fabric, cushioned with foam padding in the palm area. They are extra seamed, provide effective ventilation, and a safe and secure grip, which is additionally reinforced by a long self-adjustable Velcro strap. Their chic black and white classic design fires you up like morning coffee, driving dopamine to the right spots for a pleasurable sensitization and gratification. Be fit and make the right impression! Because U CAN.


MEX M-FIT – men’s gloves made of leather with a foam-padded non-slip printed palm and a 4-way stretch insert on the back. Super durable and breathable, they guarantee unrestricted movements in all directions. A perfect tool for lifting weights and getting a good grip on the pull-up bar. They protect the skin on your palms when holding handlebars. Available in royal blue. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX B-FIT – stylish and ergonomic men’s fitness gloves combining top quality amara with silicone print on the palm surface for comfort and excellent grip. They feature 4-way and special mesh inserts on the backhand side for freedom of movement and breathability. The front works like ABS and the back like a private air-condition system, ensuring anti-slip and anti-moisture properties. As if this was not enough, you will be amazed how easy it is to use the special loops to take them off. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX NEON 4.jpg

MEX NEON gloves combine quality, comfort and durability. Besides protecting your skin and enhancing your grip, they were designed to put you in the limelight in any gym. Their brilliant yellow glow is reminiscent of the neon lights of Paris, Las Vegas or Hong Kong, bringing back those sweet memories of your visit to Times Square or Piccadilly Circus. MEX NEON will make your friends go green with envy. Girls will forsake their Mikmoto diamonds and guys will dump their dreams of driving a Mercedes-Benz. From now on “M” stands for MEX. Shine like a neon, train like a demon. With MEX U CAN!


MEX TRAIN HARD – eco-friendly, extra-stretchable men’s amara gloves with a 4-way stretch insert on the back. They feature special grip pads for added comfort and extra protection. Their lightweight structure, flexibility, and good air circulation reduce hand fatigue, ensuring a comfortable fit and grip. Their unlimited mobility makes them an excellent choice for any sport and action. Favored by both professionals and enthusiasts of CrossFit, they offer the best value for money. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX V-FIT set.jpg

MEX V-FIT gloves – a “convertible” or rather unisex combination of gloves and grips for people who wish to have more air circulation and experience more freedom. The name “V” comes from viper, a venomous snake with a trianglular head. Using them in a gym will turn you into a deadly predator that grabs its prey, i.e. bars and weights, releasing energizing venom. Your “victim” won’t be able to slip out. The fang effect is increased by a long strap that provides firm wrist support. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



So you survive a shipwreck and are marooned on a desert island which is, however, rich in food and fresh water. You are miles away from any inhabited land, having saved only your gym bag with a pair of MEXFIT gloves made of high quality goat skin. No doubt. You are cast away and those gloves become Wilson, your faithful buddy. Together you hunt, run, swim, and train, increasing your strength and stamina. Finally, you make the desperate decision to swim across the water to rescue yourselves. You succeed. In fact, you rescue each other. Because you can. MEX U CAN! Available in pink and black.



More and more women feel a strong attraction to weights and simply cannot fight this powerful emotional attachment. A gym date with a dumbbell requires a proper image. Wearing those pink and gray MEX LUV gloves with a “tattooed” heart will make you look like an Oscar winner at an Academy Awards Gala. These gloves feature a long Velcro strap and take-off loops, and are made of soft leather and elastic fabric to ensure effective protection and ventilation. They will work magic like a showstopping glitzy dress on the red carpet. No glove, no love! Be fit and make the right impression! Because U CAN.


MEX SMART ZIP – women’s gloves made of leather with a foam-padded non-slip printed palm, a 4-way stretch insert on the back, and a zipper for additional comfort when putting the glove on and taking it off. Their smart, breathable design with a flexible lining not only ensures unrestrict- ed air circulation and great adaptation to the skin, but also gives you that fashionable businesswoman look. Available in purple or lime. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX W-FIT – women’s gloves made of leather with a foam-padded, non-slip printed palm and a 4-way stretch insert on the back. A flexible and breathable safeguard designed for the trendy woman who doesn’t accept any compromises. By combining strength with functionality and softness with elasticity, they guarantee unrestricted movements in all directions and protect the skin on your palms when holding handlebars. Available in purple or lime. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX FLEXI – women’s amara gloves with silicon printing, ensuring comfort, skin-tight fit, extra-firm grip, and excellent protection. Supremely durable and easy to care for. Their perfect adaptation to the skin gives the impression of a bare hand. What makes them special is their sharp, yet stylish design combined with exceptional flexibility. They also feature innovative slits that make it possible to keep your diamond rings on your fingers. Their unique design draws everyone’s attention. Available in lime or orange. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.

MEX Grip Pads


MEX G-FIT grip pads offer a great alternative to gym workout gloves. This premium quality one-size-fits-all unisex product made of flexible neoprene features finger loops and a Velcro closure for maximum comfort and protection of your hands. Their ergonomic design allows you to maintain perfect grip and aesthetic looks for an optimal blisters- and calluses-free workout. Fans appreciate their multipurpose function, as they are perfect for WOD, sport gymnastics and exercises with bars and dumbbells. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX G-SPORT grip pads allow you to exercise hard in superb style. They come in a universal size and unisex design. They protect your palms, leaving an impression of Yeti pawprints. Once you put them on, you feel the spirit of this wild creature. Having transformed yourself into a beast, you can grab every object that comes your way, be it a javelin, an iron bar, or an atlas stone. Just don’t lift your car – have the valet move it to the right spot. Do not be surprised, though, if a scientist approaches you, trying to test your DNA. You have been warned. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX G-FORCE grip pads are designed for those who like to feel the iron without having to endure the sight of blood gushing from ripped skin. They help prevent bacterial infections and neutralize the odor of sweaty hands, keeping the weights from slipping out of your hands. Get into a better shape by maximizing your results. Take advantage of heavier sets, more reps, and a better pump. Train like a beast and be strong like a bull, but when you leave the gym, be as smooth as silk. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.

MEX Training Belts And Corsets


MEX POWER-L is the best you can get as far as quality, strength and durability are concerned. This thick suede double stitched leather belt with a double prone buckle is the King Kong of training belts. Wearing it at a gym is an obligation that says: "Lift heavy or go home". Welcome to the elite. Some powerlifters carry this belt in their vehicles instead of a car jack. In case of a flat tire, just put it on and lift the car like you are doing deadlifts. An assistant is recommended to change the wheel. Available in blue. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



MEX POWER BAND is a 4-inch thick leather belt of the highest quality. It works like Harry Potter’s magic wand turning you into a real Toruk Makto. In order for the belt to chose you, you need to have special powers. Once it does, you can use its magic to conquer the curse of stagnation and subdue weights the way Jake Sully did with the great leonopteryx. As a result, you will be able to successfully duel all your enemies, gaining honor and respect in the gym. Available in blood-red and yellow. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX PRO LINE – a 4-inch belt of the highest quality made of 10-mm thick amara and split leather with a double-prong buckle. Created for serious athletes, it ensures critical support during heavy lifts. Whether you are into powerlifting, bodybuilding or CrossFit, you can bet you will get it all. If you go for a personal record, don’t use any other accessory. With this type of belt you will feel in a gym like a sheriff in his town. Just wearing it will put you in the strongman mode. Available in black. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



MEX PRO belt. Since MEX has become a leader and trendsetter in the gym accessories department, our PRO LINE belt has been an enormous success. This is why many customers have been asking us why they couldn’t enjoy wearing it proudly and exhibiting its maker’s logo. We’ve leaned to listen. Introducing MEX PRO belt made of approved amara for safe, heavy duty lifting. Remember, however, that now that the sheriff’s badge has been exposed, you’ve been made an official MEX law enforcement officer, responsible for gym evictions and seizures, but most of all, for giving a personal example and providing security. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX TRAIN-L – a 6-inch belt made of soft genuine leather with a solid double-prong steel roller buckle, anatomically contoured to fit the body’s natural curves. This heavy duty belt is your 100% reliable working partner that will never let you down. As it reduces stress on the lower back, maximizes the midsection, and keeps it guarded from any uncontrolled twitches, it is excellent for heavy lifting. Strong and durable, with a cool MEX logo, it will make you look trendy and professional at the same time. Available in black. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX DIP PRO, as the name indicates, is a belt destined for dips, but can also be used for pull-ups, chin ups and other resistance exercises. This top quality professional belt made of multi-ply reinforced leather features a long and heavy gauge steel chain, which is adjustable and locked through anchor loops and a carabiner. MEX DIP PRO can carry tons of weights, barbell plates, dumbbells, iron from junkyard, you name it. You can use it for any purpose, e.g. weighted lunges, various CrossFit moves, or as a sled harness to pull even a plane. No matter what you hear in other commercials, nylon, polypropylene or artificial leather belts will never survive the war zone, where heavy guns are needed. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX FIT BRACE is a chic and comfortable 6-inch-wide contoured neoprene panel sporting a perforated MEX logo. It is anatomically designed and has an adjustable Velcro strap. Being super strong and light, it is a great alternative to leather belts, providing ultimate back support with maximized performance. Better mobility helps to maintain a full motion range, e.g. during deep squats. More importantly, however, it provides good training assistance, allowing for a natural inward curve of the back during deadlifts or back rows. By eliminating the tendency of the back to round it may help prevent serious injuries. Available in black with a lime or a violet rim. A great accessory for women, who will appreciate the beauty of its design. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX FIT-N WIDE – a neoprene belt with a 6-inch middle section and a 2-inch strap to support your lower back and abdomen, and to keep your muscles warm. The foam and the widened shape ensure customized fit and stimulate your muscles to assume the proper posture. Protect your midsection and enjoy the comfort! The extra width prevents your back from hyper-extension and/or any uncontrolled or unnatural moves. Whether you work in the construction business, move your furniture, or squat with a bar, the belt will be there to assist you. Flexible and light enough to be rolled in and placed in a purse. Available in royal blue. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX FIT-N – an ultra-light, foamed, super-flexible 4-inch neoprene belt, which not only supports your back during any type of exercise, but can also be used for everyday physical activity or physical work where your backbone is involved. Keeping your back warm, it can serve as a form of prevention, especially for those with nerve root pain. The superiority of this belt lies in its universality and space-saving ability. It can be used for such activities as dead-lifting in a gym or picking strawberries in your garden, and then neatly rolled in. This model is especially popular with women and the general fitness crowd. Available in black. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX FIT COR is a unisex one-size-fits-all training corset made of neoprene, elastane and nylon, materials that provide excellent thermal conditions, ensuring a bacteria-free environment and proper ventilation for your skin. Its fastening system, based on two Velcro closings, can be easily adjusted allowing you to control the degree of tightness. The plastic strips on the back support the spine without compromising on flexibility, which makes it perfect for such sports as throwing events in track and field, gymnastics, weight lifting, bodybuilding, cross-fit, ballet, horse riding, and winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, or skating. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


S-WET komplet.jpg

MEX S-WET is a unisex neoprene waist trimmer and mobile sauna in one. More precisely, it is a body shaper that helps improve your shape by increasing body temperature, thus making fat burning exercises more effective. It works with any activity, be it weightlifting, cardio, hiking or everyday house chores. Hide it under your clothes or proudly expose it to impress. It will never slide down or restrict your movements, while the Velcro closure will provide easy compression adjustment. If you are always running out of a time, save yourself from injuries using this belt to improve lumbar support and help your body warm up faster. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN. Available in blue (L/W: 100 cm x 25 cm) and black (L/W: 130 cm x 30 cm).

MEX Straps & Hooks


MEX V-PRO – incredibly comfortable one-size-fits-all lifting straps with a Velcro closure to help you increase your grip, lift heavier weights and protect your wrists against common injuries. They will spark your energy and self-motivation to excel. Enter the iron game in the highest gear to lift more, max out, and perform more reps and sets. Now you have no excuse. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX PRO LIFT lifting straps. This one-size-fits-all weightlifting accessory made of cotton webbing with heavy duty reinforced stitching, neon wrist pad cushions and silicon printing will protected your wrists and make them more comfortable while making your grip stronger and slip-free. They feature an extra wide and long design (1.5”/4 cm x 22”/ 56 cm) and pro quality for demanding athletes. Easy on and off and more durable then any standard straps. Isolate your targeted muscle, lift heavy, or do high reps, beating your records. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



MEX SMART STRAPS. You go to the gym day after day, rain or shine – nothing can stop you. You know it must be done. You hate showing off. You have no need for comfort or fancy clothing. You’re fully focused, sweat running down your back. It’s only you and your routine. Just you, the weights, your strength and a new challenge. You put on your lifting straps and wrap them round the barbells. You’re confident. The cotton webbing with reinforced stitching will hold and you won’t let go of the handle. One-two-three – you’re jerking the barbell up with superhuman power. The weight resists, but you don’t give in. You let out a scream, tense your whole body and finally the barbell rises. A new record. You smile and know it’s gonna be, or rather already is, another good day. Have a good time with MEX! You know U CAN!


MEX POWER PRO lifting hooks – a well thought-out combination of rubber-coated steel and heavy duty straps with a Velcro closure for “Pitbull-like” grip. This accessory is designed mainly for heavy lifters who, besides the comfort of an increased lifting capacity, need the comfort of unrestricted movements and smooth touch, so if you are into calluses or blisters, MEX POWER PRO lifting hooks will be of no interest to you. The hooks are so strong that if you wrap them around the bar, you can hold the bar and clap your hands at the same time. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



Wasn’t Captain Hook mean, menacing and bloodthirsty? But if his hook was made by MEX, the director of Peter Pan would have had to change the screenplay, as the pirate would have been invincible. MEX CAPTAIN-H hook is rubber coated and non-slippery, featuring heavy-duty solid steel and an adjustable wrist support for ultimate grip increase and comfort. At the same time, it offers complete security and protection against injury, giving any user a definite upper hand. When in a gym, wield an iron fist like the villainous captain himself. Be fit and make the right impression! Because U CAN.

MEX Wraps


MEX PRO WRIST WRAPS. Our extra large (3”/8 cm x 20”/50 cm) wrist wraps made of cotton elastic a with thumb loop and a Velcro closure for easy use offer the best possible support, comfort, durability and adjustability. They fully maximize wrist stability and protect against unwanted injuries, such as sprains and strains, tendinitis, and arthritis. Great for CrossFit, tennis, and golf. Indispensable for weight lifting, bench pressing, military pressing, hand stand pushes, biceps curls, or triceps overhead extensions. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



MEX COMBAT, our 2.5 m-long wrist wraps, are made of extra durable cotton. At the same time, they are elastic, combining support and durability in hand-to-hand combat with your opponent, be it a bar, dumbbell, monster truck tire, punching bag or your adversary in the ring, cage on another war zone. When the gym is invaded by machines, objects and people, act like an American OSS special agent – be smart and strong, kill to win. MEX COMBAT are not only your secret weapon, but also an attribute of a professional soldier. Follow the tattooed motto of the Marines: “Don’t mess with the best or die like the rest”. With MEX U CAN!



MEX FIGHTER wrist wraps are 3.5 m long. Made of elastic material, they are strong and durable. They fit like a custom-made gun that gives you courage and determination, motivating you to face any obstacle in the gym – your battlefield. Know no disgrace – fight your foe face to face. Fear no danger – show your anger and conquer the land, or become a slave. You know that winning is a state of mind, a struggle in your daily routine when you resist weaknesses and stay focused on the target. MEX FIGHTER, dedicated to martial arts, particularly those where a strong punch is needed, is like a lethal weapon in the hands of a commando. Rambo is no fiction. MEX got your back. With MEX U CAN!



MEX RONIN is the name of 4.5 m-long wrist wraps made of durable cotton. They are adjustable to provide support and comfort. Be like a ronin, a warrior without a master, a daimyo for yourself. Like a rogue samurai, build your prestige in the gym or dojo and whether or not you want to project the image of a ruthless criminal is up to you. MEX RONIN will help you gain special powers and confidence. You will feel like wielding a giant tsurugi sword against a small fly. But if you really want to defend your honor, please do not follow the bushido code by committing seppuku, but rather show your skill, technique, strength and mobility, pushing yourself beyond your limits. With MEX U CAN!


MEX WRAPPIES yellow and red www.jpg

MEX WRAPPIES are a shorter (12”/30 cm), chic version of popular “small-wristers”. They are more elastic, offering a snug fit. Their proven thumb loop solution and a Velcro closure provide an exceptional level of support, durability, comfort and adjustment. Whether you work as a butcher, a lumberjack or a computer specialist, this tool could be of great help. In the gym, however, you will go mad with weights. If you have ever had a wrist injury, you will appreciate MEX WRAPPIES greatly. If not, they will help you prevent it. Buy one, get one free. Just kidding. MEX WRAPPIES are sold in pairs. Enter the pressing game now. Because U CAN.



MEX WRISTBAND and MEX HEADBAND are sportswear essentials. These unisex one-size-fits-all fashionable sweat bands are made from premium quality cotton, nylon, rubber and spandex. This durable lightweight non-slip elastic combination of materials wicks perspiration, dries quickly and is machine washable. The bands are suitable for a variety of sports such as softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, squash, racquetball, lacrosse, table tennis, golf, skating, badminton, running, walking, cycling, gymnastics, yoga, weight lifting, cardio – basically every physical activity imaginable. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN. Sold in pairs. Available in black and yellow. MEX WRISTBAND W/L: 2 x 4.4 inch (5 x 11 cm). MEX HEADBAND W/L: 2 x 14 inch (5 x 36 cm).


MEX PRO ELBOW WRAPS. These super strong, wide and long (3”/8 cm x 50”/127 cm) elbow wraps are made of elastic cotton. They include a Velcro closure and a thumb loop, providing total support and comfort during exercise and when adjusting their size. Their high flexibility ensures undisturbed movement, safety, and protection against injuries. They are an indispensable tool for shot putters, and discus and javelin throwers, but are also commonly used by tennis and badminton players. Many gym goers know that without them it is better not to attempt dips, bench presses, or French presses, especially in the case of a straight bar. Now you are back in the game. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX PRO KNEE WRAPS. These heavyweight, extra wide and extra long (3”/8 cm x 73”/ 185 cm) pro-quality knee wraps made of cotton elastic ensure customized fit and greater stability. Highly flexible and tight-fitting, they offer maximum protection, which is why they should be worn only during exercises. Even when you carry extreme weights, you can enjoy a full range of movement. Excellent for heavy squats, leg presses or jumping. Additionally, when loosened, they can be worn during the day if extra support is needed. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


FIT 01.png

Fitness and bodybuilding are synonyms for a perfect body and ideal proportions. What’s the difference between a genuine athlete and a wannabe? Use the leg test. Seasonal pseudo bodybuilders don’t train their legs, because it’s a painful process. That’s why in the summer, they wear knee shorts, claiming they’re trendy. On the other hand, dedicated enthusiasts of women’s fitness and bodybuilding put emphasis on their legs and butts, taking great pride in them. MEX FIT BAND is made of cotton with an addition of latex. The colors lime, blue and black are codes for different resistance degrees. Like medals – bronze, silver and gold – they’re waiting there to award your efforts. As you strive for perfection, don’t forget to fine-tune the lower parts of your body. Because with MEX U CAN!

MEX Face Wraps


Wearing a MEX F-WRAP doesn’t have to be inconvenient and you don’t have to feel like the Phantom of the Opera or Hannibal Lecter. Instead, think of Batman or other superheroes and become one of them, or go crazy like Jim Carrey in “The Mask”! And stop complaining that you have to wear it for an hour or so. Mike Myers have been wearing his mask since 1978! Just think: you can mouth swear words in someone’s face all day long and when standing in a line, you can always tell the next guy to keep a social distance. Or even better! You can wear the mask at home to avoid eating. Just be careful when sporting it on the street, especially when your MEX sleeveless tank exposes those big guns of yours. People might take you for a gangster! However you wear it, just remember: with MEX U CAN!

The unisex, one-size-fits-all MEX F-WRAP is made of microfiber and polyester, has a printed logo and is available in four colors: black, blue, gray and white. Wash at 60o C.

MEX Shakers


MEX GYM SHAKER. This stylish high-quality 700-ml bottle is designed to make mixing all your shakes smooth and easy. It features a special sieve for better solubility and a small cap on top to prevent your drink from spilling in your bag. When preparing a shake, make sure you pour in the liquid first before adding powder to avoid sticking and clumping. Tighten up the cover and shake for about 30 seconds. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX MULTIPPLE SHAKE – a sport bottle and shaker in one!

MEX MULTIPPLE SHAKE is designed to combine a sport bottle and a shaker together. It features a multiple fastening system that allows you to connect more than one container together. The name MEX MULTIPPLE SHAKE blends the words “multi” and “tipple”, which emphasizes its versatile role as a sport bottle, and the word “shake”, to show that it may be used for preparing delicious shakes.

MEX Bags

MEX bags were created with the needs of the most demanding gym-goer in mind. Our staff members are physically active and know from experience what a perfect gym bag should be like. Having read customers’ reviews of our competitors’ products, we did not want to repeat their mistakes, such as using the wrong materials, wrong zippers, nonfunctional interiors, or using cheap fabrics, hoping for a larger revenue. We wanted a product that would be able to take a beating and prevent you from easily tearing a hole in it on the lip of a locker. We wanted zippers that would not fall apart only because you had just done arms in the gym and could not control your strength. We wanted a bag in which you could fit everything, e.g. a notebook, a telephone, clothes, sports shoes and accessories, such as a belt, wraps or straps, some supplements and snacks, as well as a shaker, a towel, flip flops and whatever else you need.

Having tested many materials, we came to the conclusion that the CORDURA® fabric, which is durable, versatile and reliable, was the most suitable for the desired purpose. Not without a reason is this the favorite fabric of the military forces, bikers and mountain climbers. We have designed our bags for maximum durability and long-lasting performance without compromising on modern design and sleek looks.

Depending on your goals and needs, you can choose between the smaller, compact MEX GYMFIT bag and the MEX SPORTY travel bag. Both bags feature a special zippered compartment at the bottom of one of the sides, mostly designed for carrying gym shoes, but it can also be used for dirty clothing or wet swimwear.


Be fit and pro. Because U CAN.


MEX GYMFIT BAG was designed specifically for the gym. It has a front zippered pocket, which is perfect for small objects, such as smartphones, wallets, padlocks, gym ID cards, credit cards, keys, or even a quick snack.














MEX SPORTY bag has a more spacious organizer, where a small laptop or tablet could be carried, too.












MEX Training Shoes


G-BOOTS 3.jpg
G-BOOTS 2.jpg

You are what’s on your feet, as the saying goes, so why should you be cheap and uncomfortable? Wasn’t it Cinderella who proved that a shoe can change your life? In our story the difference is that the prince would be searching for his gym high tops, at the end finding his beloved princess – a pair of MEX footwear. Our G-BOOTS are made of genuine leather – a premium breathable material – and feature a flat anti-slipping sole and a foamed footbed and tongue to give you quality, performance and functionality. Whether you lift weights, practice martial arts or do any other physical activity, they ensure comfort and ultimate stability. So get a grip. Because YOU CAN.

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