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MEX Grip Pads


MEX G-FIT grip pads offer a great alternative to gym workout gloves. This premium quality one-size-fits-all unisex product made of flexible neoprene features finger loops and a Velcro closure for maximum comfort and protection of your hands. Their ergonomic design allows you to maintain perfect grip and aesthetic looks for an optimal blisters- and calluses-free workout. Fans appreciate their multipurpose function, as they are perfect for WOD, sport gymnastics and exercises with bars and dumbbells. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX G-SPORT grip pads allow you to exercise hard in superb style. They come in a universal size and unisex design. They protect your palms, leaving an impression of Yeti pawprints. Once you put them on, you feel the spirit of this wild creature. Having transformed yourself into a beast, you can grab every object that comes your way, be it a javelin, an iron bar, or an atlas stone. Just don’t lift your car – have the valet move it to the right spot. Do not be surprised, though, if a scientist approaches you, trying to test your DNA. You have been warned. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX G-FORCE grip pads are designed for those who like to feel the iron without having to endure the sight of blood gushing from ripped skin. They help prevent bacterial infections and neutralize the odor of sweaty hands, keeping the weights from slipping out of your hands. Get into a better shape by maximizing your results. Take advantage of heavier sets, more reps, and a better pump. Train like a beast and be strong like a bull, but when you leave the gym, be as smooth as silk. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.

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