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MEX Shakers


MEX GYM SHAKER. This stylish high-quality 700-ml bottle is designed to make mixing all your shakes smooth and easy. It features a special sieve for better solubility and a small cap on top to prevent your drink from spilling in your bag. When preparing a shake, make sure you pour in the liquid first before adding powder to avoid sticking and clumping. Tighten up the cover and shake for about 30 seconds. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX MULTIPPLE SHAKE – a sport bottle and shaker in one!

MEX MULTIPPLE SHAKE is designed to combine a sport bottle and a shaker together. It features a multiple fastening system that allows you to connect more than one container together. The name MEX MULTIPPLE SHAKE blends the words “multi” and “tipple”, which emphasizes its versatile role as a sport bottle, and the word “shake”, to show that it may be used for preparing delicious shakes.

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