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MEX Straps & Hooks


MEX V-PRO – incredibly comfortable one-size-fits-all lifting straps with a Velcro closure to help you increase your grip, lift heavier weights and protect your wrists against common injuries. They will spark your energy and self-motivation to excel. Enter the iron game in the highest gear to lift more, max out, and perform more reps and sets. Now you have no excuse. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX PRO LIFT lifting straps. This one-size-fits-all weightlifting accessory made of cotton webbing with heavy duty reinforced stitching, neon wrist pad cushions and silicon printing will protected your wrists and make them more comfortable while making your grip stronger and slip-free. They feature an extra wide and long design (1.5”/4 cm x 22”/ 56 cm) and pro quality for demanding athletes. Easy on and off and more durable then any standard straps. Isolate your targeted muscle, lift heavy, or do high reps, beating your records. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



MEX SMART STRAPS. You go to the gym day after day, rain or shine – nothing can stop you. You know it must be done. You hate showing off. You have no need for comfort or fancy clothing. You’re fully focused, sweat running down your back. It’s only you and your routine. Just you, the weights, your strength and a new challenge. You put on your lifting straps and wrap them round the barbells. You’re confident. The cotton webbing with reinforced stitching will hold and you won’t let go of the handle. One-two-three – you’re jerking the barbell up with superhuman power. The weight resists, but you don’t give in. You let out a scream, tense your whole body and finally the barbell rises. A new record. You smile and know it’s gonna be, or rather already is, another good day. Have a good time with MEX! You know U CAN!


MEX POWER PRO lifting hooks – a well thought-out combination of rubber-coated steel and heavy duty straps with a Velcro closure for “Pitbull-like” grip. This accessory is designed mainly for heavy lifters who, besides the comfort of an increased lifting capacity, need the comfort of unrestricted movements and smooth touch, so if you are into calluses or blisters, MEX POWER PRO lifting hooks will be of no interest to you. The hooks are so strong that if you wrap them around the bar, you can hold the bar and clap your hands at the same time. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.



Wasn’t Captain Hook mean, menacing and bloodthirsty? But if his hook was made by MEX, the director of Peter Pan would have had to change the screenplay, as the pirate would have been invincible. MEX CAPTAIN-H hook is rubber coated and non-slippery, featuring heavy-duty solid steel and an adjustable wrist support for ultimate grip increase and comfort. At the same time, it offers complete security and protection against injury, giving any user a definite upper hand. When in a gym, wield an iron fist like the villainous captain himself. Be fit and make the right impression! Because U CAN.

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