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MEX Wraps

MEX PRO WRIST WRAPS. Our extra large (3”/8 cm x 20”/50 cm) wrist wraps made of cotton elastic a with thumb loop and a Velcro closure for easy use offer the best possible support, comfort, durability and adjustability. They fully maximize wrist stability and protect against unwanted injuries, such as sprains and strains, tendinitis, and arthritis. Great for CrossFit, tennis, and golf. Indispensable for weight lifting, bench pressing, military pressing, hand stand pushes, biceps curls, or triceps overhead extensions. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.




MEX COMBAT, our 2.5 m-long wrist wraps, are made of extra durable cotton. At the same time, they are elastic, combining support and durability in hand-to-hand combat with your opponent, be it a bar, dumbbell, monster truck tire, punching bag or your adversary in the ring, cage on another war zone. When the gym is invaded by machines, objects and people, act like an American OSS special agent – be smart and strong, kill to win. MEX COMBAT are not only your secret weapon, but also an attribute of a professional soldier. Follow the tattooed motto of the Marines: “Don’t mess with the best or die like the rest”. With MEX U CAN!



MEX FIGHTER wrist wraps are 3.5 m long. Made of elastic material, they are strong and durable. They fit like a custom-made gun that gives you courage and determination, motivating you to face any obstacle in the gym – your battlefield. Know no disgrace – fight your foe face to face. Fear no danger – show your anger and conquer the land, or become a slave. You know that winning is a state of mind, a struggle in your daily routine when you resist weaknesses and stay focused on the target. MEX FIGHTER, dedicated to martial arts, particularly those where a strong punch is needed, is like a lethal weapon in the hands of a commando. Rambo is no fiction. MEX got your back. With MEX U CAN!



MEX RONIN is the name of 4.5 m-long wrist wraps made of durable cotton. They are adjustable to provide support and comfort. Be like a ronin, a warrior without a master, a daimyo for yourself. Like a rogue samurai, build your prestige in the gym or dojo and whether or not you want to project the image of a ruthless criminal is up to you. MEX RONIN will help you gain special powers and confidence. You will feel like wielding a giant tsurugi sword against a small fly. But if you really want to defend your honor, please do not follow the bushido code by committing seppuku, but rather show your skill, technique, strength and mobility, pushing yourself beyond your limits. With MEX U CAN!


MEX WRAPPIES yellow and red www.jpg

MEX WRAPPIES are a shorter (12”/30 cm), chic version of popular “small-wristers”. They are more elastic, offering a snug fit. Their proven thumb loop solution and a Velcro closure provide an exceptional level of support, durability, comfort and adjustment. Whether you work as a butcher, a lumberjack or a computer specialist, this tool could be of great help. In the gym, however, you will go mad with weights. If you have ever had a wrist injury, you will appreciate MEX WRAPPIES greatly. If not, they will help you prevent it. Buy one, get one free. Just kidding. MEX WRAPPIES are sold in pairs. Enter the pressing game now. Because U CAN.



MEX WRISTBAND and MEX HEADBAND are sportswear essentials. These unisex one-size-fits-all fashionable sweat bands are made from premium quality cotton, nylon, rubber and spandex. This durable lightweight non-slip elastic combination of materials wicks perspiration, dries quickly and is machine washable. The bands are suitable for a variety of sports such as softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, squash, racquetball, lacrosse, table tennis, golf, skating, badminton, running, walking, cycling, gymnastics, yoga, weight lifting, cardio – basically every physical activity imaginable. Be fit and make the right impression. Because U CAN. Sold in pairs. Available in black and yellow. MEX WRISTBAND W/L: 2 x 4.4 inch (5 x 11 cm). MEX HEADBAND W/L: 2 x 14 inch (5 x 36 cm).


MEX PRO ELBOW WRAPS. These super strong, wide and long (3”/8 cm x 50”/127 cm) elbow wraps are made of elastic cotton. They include a Velcro closure and a thumb loop, providing total support and comfort during exercise and when adjusting their size. Their high flexibility ensures undisturbed movement, safety, and protection against injuries. They are an indispensable tool for shot putters, and discus and javelin throwers, but are also commonly used by tennis and badminton players. Many gym goers know that without them it is better not to attempt dips, bench presses, or French presses, especially in the case of a straight bar. Now you are back in the game. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


MEX PRO KNEE WRAPS. These heavyweight, extra wide and extra long (3”/8 cm x 73”/ 185 cm) pro-quality knee wraps made of cotton elastic ensure customized fit and greater stability. Highly flexible and tight-fitting, they offer maximum protection, which is why they should be worn only during exercises. Even when you carry extreme weights, you can enjoy a full range of movement. Excellent for heavy squats, leg presses or jumping. Additionally, when loosened, they can be worn during the day if extra support is needed. Be pro and make the right impression. Because U CAN.


FIT 01.png

Fitness and bodybuilding are synonyms for a perfect body and ideal proportions. What’s the difference between a genuine athlete and a wannabe? Use the leg test. Seasonal pseudo bodybuilders don’t train their legs, because it’s a painful process. That’s why in the summer, they wear knee shorts, claiming they’re trendy. On the other hand, dedicated enthusiasts of women’s fitness and bodybuilding put emphasis on their legs and butts, taking great pride in them. MEX FIT BAND is made of cotton with an addition of latex. The colors lime, blue and black are codes for different resistance degrees. Like medals – bronze, silver and gold – they’re waiting there to award your efforts. As you strive for perfection, don’t forget to fine-tune the lower parts of your body. Because with MEX U CAN!

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